Consistency of the ChE Program Educational Objectives with the Mission of KMUTNB

The program educational objectives (PEOs) support the missions of the institution, KMUTNB as following.

The PEO1: to design efficient chemical engineering processes and solve complex chemical engineering problems, focus on technical competencies. ChE, KMUTNB aims to educate undergraduate students with good fundamental knowledge and practical skills to comply with the KMUTNB mission of providing the qualified graduates to the society.

The PEO2: to work with leadership and excellent communication skills , and PEO3: to have critical, thinking and problem-solving skills with life-long learning, focus on professional development. ChE, KMUTNB aims not only to educate students with good skills in engineering but also to fulfill the essential skills for 21th-century. The Department values advanced research and disseminates knowledge to serve Thai and Asian communities via research projects and public academic services.

The PEO4: to practice profession proficiently and ethically with concerns on public safety, environmental impacts, and significant societal consequences, focus on citizenship of the global community. ChE, KMUTNB aims to see students with experiences produced to be successful professionals and also good Thai citizens. That is, the program will provide a quality education based on expert knowledge that enables its graduates to be successful problem solvers in a multi-cultural society.

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