Senior Capstone Design Projects

Chemical Engineering Department, KMUTNB

            The ChE Senior Capstone Design Projects are carried out in the final year of the program over two semesters (one academic year). The scope of work is based on students’ knowledge and skills acquired in the earlier courses in the program. The projects must involve real design of some real-life systems, components, devices, structures, or processes. The student team must produce some artifacts (e.g., design type and specifications, engineering drawings, process flow diagrams, process and instrumentation diagram, computer algorithms and/or prototypes etc.) as deliverables. The projects must incorporate appropriate engineering standards and multiple realistic constraints. Students must work in a team, typically a team of three to five members. The student teams must utilize modern engineering tools, especially simulation software. At the end of the projects, student teams must submit a technical report, a 3-minutes presentation video, a poster, and giving oral presentation to the project committee.

Academic Year 2021

Team NO

Project Titles


Process Design and Optimization of Shrimp-Shell Gelatin Process


Adsorption of Distillery Spent Wash on Encapsulated Moringa Oleifera Alginate Bead: Experimental Study, Modeling and Plant Design.


Production of Dialdehyde Cellulose from Sugarcane


Feasibility Study and Process Synthesis of Air-Protein


Lignin-Based Hydrogels for Drug Delivery and Antimicrobial Coating for Medical Materials


Alkaline-Peroxide and Ionic Liquid Pretreatment and Process Design & Simulation Integrated to Biorefinery Industry


Upgrading of Wastewater from Rubber Sheet Processing


Continued Development of Microplastic Removal from Water Resources by Photocatalytic Process


Development of Cellulolytic Enzyme Lignin (CEL) from Sugarcane Bagasse as an Effective and Eco-Friendly Sunscreen


Process Design of Diesel Fuel Production from Plastic Waste Using Pyrolysis Technology


A Study on DAF Technique for Pretreatment of Wastewater Plant from Canteen


Adding Electrical Conductivity to Natural Rubber by Dispersing Admicellar Polymerization Modified Carbon Nanotubes


Production of Lignin Nanoparticles from Black Liquor by In Situ Cooperative Self-Assembly through Precipitation Process with Carbon Dioxide


Extraction of Silica and Lignin from Rice Husk Biomass


Lignin Extraction by Using Ionic Liquid for Food Packaging Applications


Adsorption of Heavy Metals in Wastewater Using Developed Zeolite Pelletization with Novel Techniques


Development of Simulation of Innovation Molecular Structure of Nanoporous Materials for Energy and Environmental Applications


Design a Coalescer for the Breakup of Oil-in-Water Emulsion


A Study on Silicon Carbide Synthesis from Rice Husk Ash


Design and Performance Analysis of an Integrated Expansion System to Reduce Thermic Oil Degradation from Oxidation and Overheat


Production of Water-in-Pyrolysis Oil Emulsion as Fuel for Internal Combustion Engine

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